Cowboy Aggregates is the largest quarry reserve holder in Texas and the United States. Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality limestone aggregate in the Texas Triangle’s construction market.


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Limestone Aggregates

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Rip Rap
Limestone Aggregates

Typical Product Applications

Flux Stone

Used for smelting and other metal refining processes.


Limestone aggregate is a popular alternative to gravel due to its natural coloration.

Railroad Ballast

Railroad ballast supports rail ties and allows water to flow away from the tracks.

Roofing Granules

Frequently used as a coating for asphalt shingles and roofing.

Rip Rap

Works well as rip rap stone​ and effectively prevents shore erosion.​

Ag lime

Crushed limestone can be used to regulate soil PH levels which both farmers and homeowners use frequently.


Pulverized limestone sand is commonly used in construction and paving.

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